Sample UFLLC Projects

The following selection is designed to give an overview of recent work carried out by Urban Forestry LLC. Details can be supplied upon request.

Tree Risk Program
Urban Forestry LLC researched and developed a comprehensive tree risk Specifications Manual for National Grid USA using the available scientific literature as the basis for approach and recommendations. A Training Manual, Certification Program and Field Guide were then developed to deliver the risk program to National Gridís Field Arborists.

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Plant Health Care
Fourteen mature red oaks lining the University of Rochester's Eastman Quadrangle have been under a dedicated Plant Health Care program developed by Urban Forestry LLC. The PHC program monitors growth, identifies pests, and develops cultural practices to keep these key trees healthy. Important actions have been treatment of Phytophthora root disease, vertical mulching, root crown excavations, and apical dominance pruning.

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Slope management
Urban Forestry LLC was contracted by the Town of Irondequoit to assist in the mitigation of repeated failures on the steep western slopes of Irondequoit Bay. Primary products included a survey of the existing vegetation, a complete literature review of role of vegetation in stabilizing steep slopes and a vegetation management plan.

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Utility tree appraisal
Rochester Gas and Electric (RG&E) retained Urban Forestry LLC to provide appraisal services for tree removals over 7.5 miles of transmission lines to be upgraded. Industry standards were used to determine the value of approximately 3,000 trees, which was then offered to property owners as compensation. Less than 1% of the owners challenged the appraisals.

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